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I'm trying to call a simple dataservice which is written in .Net from Flash builder 4. Please tell me the steps or else any links or samples. Thank you in advance.

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Can't you use google?

Take a look at these, some of the links from the first page of results:

  1. official docs
  2. here
  3. or here

Seems like enough tutorial for me to do what you want.

p.s. You can also use WebOrb

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FluorineFX has some great examples shipped with the installation. WebORB also has great support, but it's not free + you don't get the source code.

On my blog you'll also find some good examples of using FluorineFX with Flex.

This post uses different approaches.

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I tried Fluorine a couple years ago and I thought it sucked. Better is to create regular webservices (.asmx) and in the flex application use the webservice class.

Another option is to use a dynamically or static xml-file that you read in flex.

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FluorineFX is a great product, as is WebORB. The approach using asp.MVC returning JSON is also great. Using regular webservices is looking for problems. – Lieven Cardoen Mar 20 '12 at 11:12

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