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I need to make a tunnel from a client box to a server. The problem is that there are 2 boxes between them:


CLIENT ========================= SERVER1.2

I know how to do it when I have just one box in between:


CLIENT ==============SERVER1

From the client box :

ssh -l **user_firewall** -L 8112:**server1_ip**:22 **firewall_ip** cat -

And then :

ssh -C -c arcfour256 localhost -l **user_server1** -p 8112

Would anybody please be able to provide some insight into this problem. If you need more info I can glady provide it. Thanks.

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You will need to run another forwarding command on server1. It's same syntax as the command that runs on firewall.

If you don't actually need ssh you can use rinetd which may be easier to setup.

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Finally I got this working. Thanks @womble!

I modified the /.ssh/config :

Host server1
Hostname server1_ip
User server1_user
ForwardAgent yes
Port 22
ProxyCommand ssh -oCiphers=arcfour128,arcfour256,arcfour,blowfish-cbc firewall_user@firewall_ip nc %h %p

Host server12
Hostname server12_ip
User server12_user
ForwardAgent yes
Port 22
ProxyCommand ssh -oCiphers=arcfour128,arcfour256,arcfour,blowfish-cbc server1 nc %h %p

Now, when I type ssh server12 from the client, I have a shell in the server12, jumping firewall and server1.

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