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I have a gridview with AutoGenerateColumns="true" (in general I don't know what the columns will be). Is there any easy way to sort the grid by clicking on a column header? The only solutions I have found so far are for when AutoGenerateColumns="false"

Alternatively if I know one of the columns is going to be called StatusId is there a way to sort on this column only?

Edit: I am manually updating the gridview's HeaderRow to make them more user friendly, this seems to be knocking things out. Is there a way to get round this?

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Did you try to Set AllowSorting="true" to gridview ?

If that's not work for you and you can implement custom Sorting,

You can get code this thread How to convert a GridView to DataTable and sort the DataTable?

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Yes I did, on further investigation I can see that I am updating the values in the gridview's HeaderRow to make them more user friendly. This seems to be disabling the sorting links in the header. I'll update the original post. –  openshac Jul 19 '11 at 8:16

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