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Is there any API, through which I can get posts from my own blog on and put them on my other site?

  1. I have a blog on
  2. I have a single site on another hosting provider

I need to parse posts from my blog on and display latest of them into my other site.

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you could use the RSS feed thats associated with the wordpress blog to get yours posts, then use an RSS/XML reader on your site to display the posts.

RSS feed link example:

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I know that. But i want to get the whole post. Is this possible? – user769154 Jul 19 '11 at 8:13
Please try to add more information to your question then. I think you would have more control over wordpress, and be able to use the wordpress API if you were using the blog on your own hosting, I don't use the web version but I do know they use the XML-RPC interface. You might want to check the wordpress site and API to see if it covers the online version. – rocky Jul 19 '11 at 9:56

One option is to use RSS feed. You can customize RSS feed to extent you want. And other way is to make a connection to your wordpress blog database and then too write code to get posts. If both sites are on same server then it will be easy , other wise you will have to make a connection to remote database.

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