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I have problem with connecting conditional OR with filterint by date range. Something like that

#pseudo SQL syntax
(@date_start < params[:date_to_search] < @date_end) && (@every_day==1 || @day_of_week== params[:day])


class OfferTime < ActiveRecord::Base
  define_index do
    indexes every_day #boolean
    indexes day_of_week #string eg. Tue, Mon etc

    has date_start #Date NOT datetime
    has date_end #Date

To make conditional OR I use this solution: Conditional "or" in Thinking Sphinx search.

This works quite well.

( "@every_day 1 | @day_of_week Tue", :match_mode => :extended).size 
# => 2
# Correct answer

But I don't know how to connect that with that date range

(@date_start < params[:date_to_search] < @date_end)


( "@every_day 1 | @day_of_week Tue & @date_start < #{1.year.ago}", :match_mode => :extended).size 
# => 1
# wrong answer! should be 0!

Is it possible to make that with ThinkingSphinx?

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Not sure exactly the logic you're after - is it every day OR (day of week and date start), or (every day OR day of week) AND date start?

The latter is possible - but you'll want to filter on the attribute using the :with arguments - it should be well-covered in the docs. To get a 'less than 1 year ago' filter, you'll need to use a range - from one year ago to today (or well into the future, if that's more appropriate).

If it's the former, I'm not sure if that's possible - but if it is, you'll likely need to investigate the expression syntax and Sphinx's select clause. Again, covered a bit in the TS docs, with links to the relevant Sphinx sections.

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I am after logic: (@every_day 1 | @day_of_week #{params[:day]}) AND date range (@date_start < #{params[:date].to_date} @date_end >#{params[:date].to_date}). Unfortunately there is no ">" OR "<" operator in extended query syntax. So it doesn't work. – nothing-special-here Jul 19 '11 at 14:25

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