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Do you know why this line of code doesn't work ?

['fdfsd','gfdhgf'].inject(Hash.new){|sum,e| sum[e] = e}

Using ruby-1.9.2-p180, got IndexError: string not matched

== SOLVED ==

['fdfsd','gfdhgf'].inject(Hash.new){|sum,e| sum[e] = e; sum}
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In 1.9 there's also each_with_object:

>> ['fdfsd','gfdhgf'].each_with_object(Hash.new){|e,sum| sum[e] = e}
=> {"fdfsd"=>"fdfsd", "gfdhgf"=>"gfdhgf"}

Note that compared to inject the block arguments are reversed and that you don't have to explicitly return the accumulator. In this specific case I'd go with J-_-L's answer by the way.

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Different approach with same effect:

a = ['fdfsd','gfdhgf']
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