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Hi I am working with a matrix of 448*448 elements of real(signed) data and wanted to display it as grayscale image in C as i did in MATLAB using imagesc. Can anyone tell me which is the fastest and easiest library or code to display the grayscale image from the matrix in C?


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Why is this tagged "C++"? – Kerrek SB Jul 19 '11 at 9:15
Looks like software recommendation which is off-topic these days. – lpapp Dec 2 '14 at 11:39
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Have a look at CImg. Although not C but C++, that should be able to do what you want. Unless of course C++ is a big nono for you. Whether or not it is fastest or easiest is not something I dare to claim. You'll have to figure that out yourself.

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Also look at openCV libs. These libs are quite good. It has both c and C++ interface.

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ImageMagick has a native C API if you want to avoid OpenCV: MagickWand. If you want better low-level capabilities you can try MagickCore. The ConstituteImage function supplied with MagickCore sounds like it would do what you like.

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As shobhonk suggested, take a look at OpenCV, a computer vision and image processing library that works with C and C++. To accomplish something similar to imagesc in C++, I use the functions imread and imshow or alternatively I load the data in a Mat structure and I display it with imshow.

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