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I'm making a simple facebook canvas app (page tab) with PHP, that posts something to the user's wall via facebook.com/dialog/feed. I'm going to make it simple, so I want to skip the access_token request and the facebook->api() call. I have to store the list of the users who shared the post.

Actually, it works fine without authorization, but I need to collect the user's unique identifier (and/or maybe the name), after the wall post. Is that possible, without requesting an access token?

After the successful wall post, I store the unique post_id, maybe it's enough for a sweepstake?

Update after the accepted answer: actually, the first part of the returned POST_ID string is the unique user id.

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You definitely can't get hte user name without them authorizing your app, and I think the same might apply to getting the user id.

The problem with storing the post id is that the same user could easily make multiple posts, which in a sweepstake is probably not desirable. What I have found with similar projects is that users are happy to grant access to basic information if they want to win the prize.

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Thanks, that's kinda acceptable. The only thing I just can't understand is that I can post to the user's wall without access_token, but I can't fetch the user id, after a successful wall post..? This is weird. –  Eduard7 Jul 19 '11 at 9:53
You can only post to the users wall using the feed dialog, which keeps the auth stuff hidden. This is allowed because it's not a direct posting method, to post directly requires authorisation with the publish_stream permission. If the user id was returned but the feed dialog then it circumvent the auth requirement. –  shanethehat Jul 19 '11 at 9:56
I done the project with proper authentication, but after all I just recognized, that the first part of the POST_ID string is the unique userid... I feel like an idiot ;-) –  Eduard7 Jul 20 '11 at 9:31

You should not rely on the POST_ID to contain the user id. POST_ID is intended to be an opaque identifier and is not guaranteed to contain the user id, and not all POST_IDs do contain it.

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