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A very, VERY disappointing behavior took me literally hours to realise:
Mobile Safari (on iPad and iPhone) doesn't send the authentication headers ("Cookie" entry in Http-headers) in an image request - IF and only if the request is done via 3G/Edge network - in Wifi-mode it works!?! - Bump

All that Mobile Safari showed me was a white question mark in a blue box.

BUT if I did a XHttpRequest, I got the data. If I inserted an image tag dynamically via JavaScript the image got loaded.

  • regular image-data requests have no authentication information
  • dynamic image-data requests have authentication information

Background: I'm developing an Asp MVC 3 WebApp which has a image handler. This image handler has a check if the request is authenticated and if not, it returns an empty result:

if (!Request.IsAuthenticated)
    return new EmptyResult();


  • Did anybody experience the same issue?
  • Did anybody found a reliable workaround?

Lg warappa

Edit: Added info that http-header "Cookie" is used for authentication.

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