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Using an available WiFi IP (i.e., using post 8080), I'd like to create a http server in android that can connect and can be accessed by a desktop so that I can transfer files to the android device.

Update: I'm currently trying out NanoHTTPD but I can't seem to make the sample HelloWorld run on android device..

I changed the hello world code and made it extend activity instead and created an object nanohttpd.

I modified up to specifying what port to be used but upon further debugging, I found out that the server socket has no getInetAddress at all. I thought NanoHTTPD no longer needs further config...?

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Heh, as it turns out, NanoHTTPD does the trick but I made some adjustments...

  1. Check if the device is connected.

    I used samples from manage wifi and wifi network management to create a WiFi Manager that detects all available WiFi, returns list of ScanResults, connected Scan Result and fetched the IP address.

  2. Made the NanoHttpd as a class with singleton instance.

    From the resulting connected ScanResult of WiFi Manager, I got the IP Address and passed it and a port number to the nanohttpd instance.

    NanoHttpd nanoInstance = new Nanohttpd(); String[] args = null; args[0] = the ip address; args1 = 8080; // or 8081.. etc nanoInstance.main(args);

  3. After that I finally reached the response page. =]

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I can also transfer from desktop to device through NanoHttpd using its file-upload-test.htm – eunique0216 Oct 19 '11 at 3:51
can you please provide me some sample snippet for this. – Senthil Mg Dec 22 '11 at 5:19

Use an embeddable http server:

Note: most mobile devices are behind NAT (both on Wifi and cell networks), where inbound connections are not possible. This means you can not initiate connection to them from internet.

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