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I want to run a "hello world" program on Android.

It is written in C, and i tried different cross-compilers.

arm-elf-gcc : when i tip "./hello" on my phone with adb i have "Segmentation Fault" However, arm-elf-gdb run the hello program normally, without segmentation fault.

arm-linux-gcc : when i tip "./hello" on my phone, "Illegal instruction"

Any idea?

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This tutorial seems to explain quite well how to build and debug native C applications for Android:

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First, make sure you have the NDK:

Here is the easiest way to compile a C binary for your phone:

Usually $NDK(may be different) =



Mac OS X:


In Terminal:

# create tool-chain - one line
$NDK/build/tools/ --platform=android-3 --install-dir=/tmp/my-android-toolchain

# add to terminal PATH variable
export PATH=/tmp/my-android-toolchain/bin:$PATH

# make alias CC be the new gcc binary
export CC=arm-linux-androideabi-gcc

# compile your C code(I tried hello world)
$CC -o foo.o -c foo.c

# push binary to phone
adb push foo.o /data/local/tmp

# execute binary
adb /data/local/tmp/foo.o
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