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I have a problem. I have been made a file with custom extension like .xyz in resource folder. But when I running the application, the file wasn't in resource folder. How can I add the file with custom extension? Anybody can help me?

Thanks before. Regards.

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You need to make sure that this .xyz file is in the Copy Resources phase of your application's target.

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Thank you @Richard... – Meet Jun 16 '12 at 10:58

simple drag n drop to your resources folder and check copy items to resources folder option. That's it.

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If we only do that, the file would not appear in application. I add new file in XCode. I choose empty file and give extension .xyz. That appears in XCode but no in application. Thanks for your response. :) – Rizki Jul 19 '11 at 14:32

what do you mean with "the file wasn't in resource folder" ? do you want to move it into Documents directory ? if yes, you just can move your file from resource into Documents, i was do something like that with this code :

[[NSFileManager defaultManager] moveItemAtPath:resourcePath toPath:documentsPath error:NULL];
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