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I have a Maven project that needs to be versioned. I have chosen to use the versions-maven-plugin as my versioning plugin but am unsure if that's the best option.

I have read the documentation that such plugin actually modifies the POM and I don't really like that approach. I have worked on projects where they had separate build.properties file that got modified manually.

What I want to achieve is to have my CI generating the artifact for me ready to be deployed and update the version number automatically.

So, any suggestions? How have you done before?

Thank you

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I'd get the version number from the one source that matters: that's the source code management system (Subverson, Mercurial, or Git), not Maven.

I'd say that Maven might be out of synch unless your Maven plug-in is getting it from SCM.

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Use the Release Plugin. You want to perform automatic deployment and batch release. The Versions Plugin is designed for something else.

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We have found MAVEN-RELEASE-PLUGIN super useful and can not imagine releasing and managing version with it.

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