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I was looking for an standalone open source image management software for web use. Many CMSs have some kind of image management built-in but sharing images across several sites seems to be clumsy. I am looking for more centralized solution.

The feature list could be:

  • image upload
  • store original (full resolution)
  • tagging/taxonomy
  • EXIF data reading
  • search
  • resize/crop
  • serve altered versions of images with caching
  • web UI
  • simple access control

Any tips for existing software (as is or with potential with modifications)?

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This is somewhat border case whether this belongs to Stack Overflow but feel free to suggest alternative site. –  Petteri Hietavirta Jul 19 '11 at 10:57

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Gallery is a very full featured tool that has everything on your list. PHP based and very easy to install on Linux or IIS http://gallery.menalto.com/

It's not designed to be used quite how I think you have in mind but there should be enough features that you can reuse.

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http://resourcespace.org/ Seems to match a lot of your requirements, and is specifically meant as an image manager for use in combination with other systems.

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