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I have the Tables

PatientEligibilit and PatientsEligibilitiesDoctorsSpecialties and DoctorsSpecialties

PatientEligibilit has foreign key PatientsEligibilitiesDoctorsSpecialtyID from PatientsEligibilitiesDoctorsSpecialties table


PatientsEligibilitiesDoctorsSpecialty has foreign key DoctorsSpecialtyID from DoctorsSpecialties table

THEN USING VB.NET LINQ: i'm tring to add child item ( PatientsEligibilitiesDoctorsSpecialty) to it's parent (PatientEligibilit)

then I submit Changes

like :

PatientEligibilityObject.PatientsEligibilitiesDoctorsSpecialties.Add(New PatientsEligibilitiesDoctorsSpecialty With {.DoctorSpecialtyID = si.ID, .RegDate = Date.Now})                                                                            PatientEligibilityObject.PatientsEligibilitiesDoctorsSpecialties.Add(PEDS)

it's worked fine and save record in Database with correct date



always saved with value 1

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I solve it. the problem was in the relation between the tables.

The foreign key between PatientEligibilit and PatientsEligibilitiesDoctorsSpecialties was not correct..

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