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I develop games for Android, but now I want to try the iOS platform. Actually, I have Mac Mini, but I haven't enought money to buy iPhone, so I think about buying iPod Touch instead. Is it possible to develop games (Unity engine) using iPod? What about games performance? Sorry if I ask something stupid, I never developed for iOS before, thanks!

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same code will work in iphone,ipad ,ipod .so no that the name of IDE is xcode – Jul 19 '11 at 11:46
Possible duplicate -… – Viraj Jul 19 '11 at 12:03
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We use an iTouch for development (cheaper than buying iPad2's). So yes, you can definitely develop for iOS using an iTouch/iPod.

You will also need to join the Apple developer program before you can deploy to the iTouch - Apple has a $99 annual fee for an individual. Even if you purchase Unity you will need buy into the Apple dev program too.

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same code will work in iphone,ipad ,ipod .so no that the name of IDE is xcode.but performance and image accuracy will be varied.

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Apple provides a SDK including a simulator. Never trust the simulator completely, but you can use it easily for day by day job, and test it on a real iphone, ipod touch or similar only from time to time.

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