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Yay, I just managed to get a WCF service working by hosting it in _layouts folder. It works with SPContext enabled and can return context related objects. Now the ultimate question. Deployment.

We have a web farm environment and multiple testing environments (QA1, QA2 etc). The host address of these environment change. Now when I need to call endpoints / use this WCF service from a web client I would need to add a svcutil service reference which creates a map that contains the complete url. This is not going work as I move my service code / client code across different environments.

Any clues specifically to how to solve this reference issue across multiple environments?

*Note: I am aware that I could use WSPbuilder etc to put svc file / webconfig in to the 12 hive so deploying the svc files etc is not an issue

Thanks in advance Cheers

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To get around this problem I wrote a custom feature scoped to WebApplication that updates the web.config programatically.

This question, whilst not directly related to WCF shows the basic concepts behind using SPWebConfigModification to update the web.config

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Hope this might help you with your doubt; I am giving here a link to an example of web-part in SharePoint using WCF service: WCF Services and SharePoint: Integrating SharePoint Web Parts and WCF Services Hosted in IIS.

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Thanks, my problem is in this line from the article - <endpoint address="stefoxdemo.redmond.corp.microsoft.com:774/Salary.svc"; binding="wsHttpBinding" bindingConfiguration="NtlmBinding" contract="SalaryWCFApp.ISalary. ** This endpoint address will change as I move through environments. qa1.com/_layouts/service.svc and followed by qa2.com/_layouts/service.svc and finally. productionserver.com/_layouts/service.svc –  VJVRR Jul 19 '11 at 12:02

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