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def blit_convert(dst_sfc, board):
    dst_ary = pg.surfarray.pixels2d(dst_sfc)
    src_ary = np.asarray(board, dtype=np.uint8)
    dst_ary[...] = src_ary
    del src_ary
    del dst_ary

is called with:

dst_sfc = pg.Surface((width, height), 0, 8)
board = np.zeros((width, height), dtype=np.uint16)

python 2.5.2, pygame 1.7.1release, numpy 1.1.0


src_ary = np.asarray(board, dtype=np.uint8)


src_ary = board.astype(np.uint8)

slows the memory leak by 42%

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If it helps debug things, np.asarray will avoid making a copy, if possible, while board.astype(np.uint8) will always make a copy. However, in this case, they should both return a copy, as the dtypes don't match. Numpy 1.1 is rather ancient, though you may not have control over that, of course. Can you try upgrading to a more recent version of numpy and/or pygame? –  Joe Kington Jul 19 '11 at 16:22

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pygame 1.7.1 usesNumeric and doing dst_ary[...] = src_ary where dst_ary is a Numeric.array and src_ary is a numpy.ndarray leaks memory for some unknown reason.

Upgrading pygame to 1.9.1 which can use numpy for surface access fixes this.

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