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I am new to Eclipse Plugin development. I have already customized my main menu and toolbar, as well as properties page. Now I want to have something like: whenever the user clicks the customized icon on the toolbar, it will show the properties page as if the user selects the project and right-clicks on properties and show it, anyone knows how to do it?

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You can try using org.eclipse.ui.dialogs.PreferencesUtil.createPropertyDialogOn(Shell, IAdaptable, String, String[], Object) to open a property dialog:

IProject project = ...;
PreferenceDialog createPropertyDialogOn(window.getShell(), project, 
    myPropertyPageId, new String[] { myPropertyPageId }, Collections.EMPTY_MAP);
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Thanks a lot, Paul, it works! –  Jianinz Jul 20 '11 at 11:58

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