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I'm learning SQL alchemy and going through the Expression Language Tutorial. I really like the generative selects because I can use table reflection and then easily query the table with Table class methods. This is what I'm doing now to do what I want.

from sqlalchemy import Table, create_engine, MetaData
engine = create_engine('mysql://...')
meta.bind = engine
table = Table('footable', meta, autoload=True)

result =

I've written many selects before and I always select the specific columns that I need rather than selecting all. Is there a way to specify which columns to return in my SQL alchemy select?

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Read more on the select() in the documentation, especially in respect to first two parameters.
But the following should be the right direction for you to work:

from sqlalchemy.sql import select, and_, or_, not_
# ...
query = select(# what to select (tables or columns)
               [table.c.column1, table.c.column2],
               # filters (use any expression using and_, or_, not_...
result = query.execute()
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I saw that you could use the select object just as you your example does here. I was hoping I could select columns with the select method that's provided by the Table class. Otherwise, yes I know you can select columns like your example. – jlafay Jul 19 '11 at 22:11
Well, is just calling the select(...) with self as a parameter: return select([self], whereclause, **params). This means you cannot select specific columns at this point. – van Jul 20 '11 at 8:12

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