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I cannot find anywhere how to add a button to the top-right corner of the eclipse form, same as on the screenshot provided.

eclispe-rcp form with a button

The button seems to be a part of the form title area, is it part of the form functionality or its just another composite which looks like a form title? Any source code examples (even drafts) highly appreciated.


I have managed to add buttons to the section but still not to the form itself, I have used an example found here:

private void createSectionToolbar(Section section, FormToolkit toolkit) {
    ToolBarManager toolBarManager = new ToolBarManager(SWT.FLAT);
    ToolBar toolbar = toolBarManager.createControl(section);
    final Cursor handCursor = new Cursor(Display.getCurrent(),
    // Cursor needs to be explicitly disposed
    toolbar.addDisposeListener(new DisposeListener() {
        public void widgetDisposed(DisposeEvent e) {
            if ((handCursor != null) && (handCursor.isDisposed() == false)) {

    // save
    CommandContributionItemParameter saveContributionParameter = new CommandContributionItemParameter(
            editor.getSite(), null,
    saveContributionParameter.icon = RegiloCoreImages.getInstance().DESC_UPDATE;

    CommandContributionItem saveMenu = new CommandContributionItem(




Still no luck with the form itself though.

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You can get the toolbarmanager like this:

IManagedForm mform = formPage.getManagedForm();
IToolBarManager toolbar = mform.getForm().getToolBarManager();

Now you should be able to add items to the toolbar using the toolbar manager APIs as per usual.

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I cannot make it work, inside my EditorPart I do initialize my form object using form = toolkit.createScrolledForm(parent); inside createPartControl(..) method and maybe thats the problem, my form is a ScrolledForm type? – Kris Aug 1 '11 at 9:15
have no time to verify it as I don't play with Eclipse RCP anymore but as its upvoted I believe its true :) and will mark it as correct answer, thx – Kris Oct 18 '12 at 7:52

Try to obtain toolbar manager by using form.getToolBarManager()

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