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I have a dynamic variable like this:

var oneButton= null;
var oneMoreButton= null;
var differentNameButton= null;
var anotherButtonDifferent= null;

Then i have this:

    case 0:data = "oneButton"; break;
    case 1:data = "oneMoreButton";break;
    case 2:data = "differentNameButton";break;
    case 3:data = "anotherButtonDifferent";break;

Then finally i have this:

case 1:eval(data + ' = ' + document.getElementById('oneNameDiv').parentNode);break;
case 2:eval(data + ' = ' + document.getElementById('anotherDivName').parentNode);break;
case 3:eval(data + ' = ' + document.getElementById('oneMoreDivWithDifferentName').parentNode);break;
case 4:eval(data + ' = ' + document.getElementById('hereIsAnotherDivName').parentNode);break;

After i try to execute it i get the error in firefox console:

missing ] after element list
test1 = [objectHTMLDivElement]

Someone knows what's happening?

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Ever heard of a data structure, called Array? –  Emil Ivanov Jul 19 '11 at 13:05
In global, what are you trying to do? –  TJHeuvel Jul 19 '11 at 13:13
im not using array to simplify... im not using something like array[x] because i cant do this... what im trying to do is exactly what i've exaplined.... i have the some variables that i've declared before... then i need to put a div into each variable... –  Igor Jul 19 '11 at 13:23

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I dont know what exactly you are trying to achieve, but your code could be better. Something like this for example:

var data = document.getElementById('div'+valor).parentNode;

Assuming there is a variable called valor with the number of your div.

Could you explain what you are doing?

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no its another variable... not the same... well, i need to ordenate a couple of buttons by an user interaction... And i need to save the state of the buttons if he open the modal again. then i save it in an array... i need to get the div of the buttons dinamicly... the first 'valor' is to determinate wich button i am getting, the second one is the value of which button should i take at that momment.. –  Igor Jul 19 '11 at 13:18

You can declare an array like this:

var test = [];

Then you can use "valor" directly:

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