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I have a lot of old sizes made with the seminar package and pstricks.

Is it possible to rotate the slide, so it will bit on a A4 paper and still using PostScript?



   {{\color{red}\small \textbf{+}\hfil \today \hfil \textbf{+}}}
   {{\color{black}\small \textbf{+}\hfil \thepage \hfil \textbf{+}}}

\date{\vspace{-0.20 cm}2009}
\title{\bf A}





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you seem to already have found a decent answer. Another method would be to convert to pdf (ps2pdf) then use the powerful PDF toolkit (pdftk) which is available in the Ubuntu repositories.

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Solved the problem with

latex symmetrics.tex
dvips -t landscape symmetrics.dvi
evince symmetrics.ps
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