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Could one of you please give me a bit of insight to each one of these 4 topics, I am just a little confused on what it is asking.

I have a good idea on what passive and active rendering are, and that the use of active rendering is more sutable for games programming.

I'm just not to sure about the rest.

The timing of the main game loop is an important component of any computer game, since it impacts on the frame rate and the real-time physics calculations needed to make the game run at a realistic (or at least playable) rate. You are required to read up on the programming issues that affect this timing, and write a report that covers the range of options available to a programmer. Your report should consider the following headings:

  1. The distinction between active and passive rendering, and an explanation of the preferred mode for a game program.

  2. The division of time between the physics (or game-model) update and graphics update stages, and an explanation and analysis of the relative importance of these in a game that involves real-time physics calculations.

  3. Techniques for achieving accuracy in real-time physics, and an explanation of the trade-offs that may be necessary to do this.

  4. Programming techniques that can be used to try to keep the frame-rate for graphics updates to some desired rate.

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