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If I hide and disable a Wicket form, do I need to double-check the visibility conditions in my onSubmit? (Just like we do in JS validation versus Server validations?)

Consider this Wicket snippet:

public class TestPage extends WebPage {
    public TestPage() {
        boolean editable = checkIfUserCanEdit();
        add(new TestForm()
public static class TestForm {
    public void onSubmit() {
        if (!checkIfUserCanEdit()) abort(); // Is this necessary?

Do I need the "revalidation" in my onSubmit?

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Looking at the call hierarchy of onSubmit() one comes across

protected void delegateSubmit(IFormSubmitter submittingComponent)
    public void component(Form<?> form, IVisit<Void> visit)
        if (form.isEnabledInHierarchy() && form.isVisibleInHierarchy())

Given that I'd say, no need to protect any further.

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Just perfect! Thanks –  Eduardo Costa Jul 19 '11 at 15:41

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