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I'm trying to run a simple rake paperclip:refresh class=Photo, but there is some sort of broken data, or a Photo that doesn't exist and it's causing this response :

...................................................rake aborted!
The specified key does not exist.

Assuming the error is caused by the photo not existing on the S3. What would be the best way to root out the culprit in a pile of 23,500 objects?

So far I've tried these commands...{|p|!}

But this has been running for 15 minutes..potentially having snagged, but nonethless keeping my laptop fan humming strongly.

I also tried..{|p|!}

But the same deal. Rooting through 23,500 objects on an S3 is no joke.

Any quicker, more cunning ideas?

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You should be able to get a list of all objects in your S3 buckets using the aws-s3 or right-aws gem, whichever came with paperclip:

With that list you should be able to grab the path from each Photo and compare the arrays to see which objects no longer exist on s3. Something like:{|p|} -

should get you the s3 objects which paperclip expects which don't exist.

Or if you'd prefer evil hackery, you could just wrap the blocks inside Paperclip.each_instance_with_attachment of with


 `the code`

 puts(instance.path, "doesn't exist") 

and copy the file to lib/tasks/paperclip.rake.

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Great idea! I briefly thought of this path earlier. Thanks! – Trip Jul 19 '11 at 22:40

In Rails 3 you should be able to do Photo.all.where(:photo => nil).

Selecting all the records as you're doing in your example is a bad idea : as you've seen, it will take forever iterating over records that are of no interest to you...

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