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What is the best recommended way to talk between a Flash client and gevent? Should I use XMLSocket or is there something better... also, should I create my own syntax "such as MOVE 1, 500, 3000" or should I use something similar to JSON? This is for production, thanks guys.

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Flash has a serialisation format called AMF (ActionScript Message Format). I’ve found it to be faster than XML or JSON, and it’s also terser (i.e.: produces smaller payloads than XML or JSON). I’ve only used it for a couple of projects, but check out amfast and PyAMF for the server-side. Both projects come with code examples for both the client- and server-side.

Another advantage of AMF is that it allows you to share "native" objects between Python and Flash, i.e. you can serialise a datetime.datetime at the Python end and get out an ActionScript Date when you deserialise it in Flash.

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Perfect, thanks. –  d0ctor Jul 19 '11 at 23:52

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