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I want to make a computer program on windows that uses data from my Kinect. What languages could I use and what software would help me in the process?

EDIT: Okay so I found the Kinect SDK from Windows. Anything other downloads that would help that I should know about?

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For the official Microsoft Kinnect drivers, see… for the requirements. –  George Johnston Jul 19 '11 at 14:40

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Assuming you want to use the official SDK instead of the OpenNI drivers, your programming language choices are basically C# or C++. You can download Visual Studio C# or C++ Express versions for free here to use as your IDE. To use the speech recognition, you'll need to download the following:

Honestly, just check out the Kinect SDK documentation. There's a ton of awesome information, including everything in this post.

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I don't know about the MS SDK, but OpenKinect cross platform and language wrapper details can be found here:

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Since it is a Microsoft technology, It's highly probable that you will have to use .NET, i.e. C# and the likes.

The Kinect SDK can be found here :

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If you are just starting out with the Kinect, it is probably best suited that you use the Microsoft Kinect SDK v2. It is the fastest way to get off the ground with the Kinect. In the SDK, you will be programming in C# or C++. Please do note that this is only compatible with Windows.

If you hate C#/C++, are not using Windows, or have advanced knowledge of other languages instead, you can use Open Connect and your favorite language (C++, C#, Python, JAVA, Javascript, or Lisp)

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