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I have an app where the user is redirected to a webview to sign in using oauth(twitter,google,facebook,etc). The problem is that while using a uiwebview, the user must enter the username/password EVERY time. This gets very annoying. Is there a way to save the username/password in the fields?

I don't want to store the info in nsuserdefaults because I am told it is not secure. Does the uiwebview have access to the keychain? and if so how do I get the uiwebview to get the username/password from the keychain and into the fields?

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Check out this tutorial:

It's using the SA_OAuthTwitter Engine, and storing the auth-data in NSUserDefaults. Without having used it myself, or even implemented Twitter in one of my applications, i think this is the way to go.

I really think you have to store the auth-data for the user, and use those data when making requests to Twitter.

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