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I have developed a few app store applications but recently have been asked by small and medium companies if I would be interested in developing bespoke apps.

I find the license and contracts with Apple a little confusing to say the least, there are 3 types of build a developer can produce.

  1. App store
  2. Ad Hoc
  3. Enterprise

App store is not required as these are private projects. Ad Hoc seems to be limited to 100 pre-identified devices which again isn't ideal and Enterprise is for 250+ applications? So how can you develop an app for the iphone with an unknown number of client installs from say 50 to 150?

I want to give the client the app (ipa) and let them control who they give/sell it too, is this even possible?

Thanks for any advice


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You will need an enterprise account to do this. There you can compile distribution builds that can be installed on any iphone/ipad you want without having to include them in a list as for ad hoc builds.

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Ah thanks. I have just read the Apple docs on the Enterprise program and they have greatly improved it since I last looked. Thanks again. –  GeoffCoope Jul 19 '11 at 14:56
Please mark the answer if you like it :) –  Joris Mans Jul 19 '11 at 16:10

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