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I'm new on spring and I want a spring singleton bean to be created when the web application starts, not when it is referenced. Is there a way to achive this? Thanks in advance

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This is the default behaviour. Spring beans are non-lazy singletons by default.

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You could write a bootstrap class to load the reference on app start-up.

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<bean id="Example" class="com.domain.Example" singleton="true" lazy-init="false" />


<bean id="Example" class="com.domain.Example" />

lazy-init and singleton are set to this value by default.

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You can load your context by creating a servlet mapping in your web.xml file if you use Spring MCV


Next, load the configuration files. To do this, register the ContextLoaderListener. The ContextLoaderServlet will load the Spring configuration files when you start the Web application


The contextConfigLocation parameter defines the Spring configurations files to load

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