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Every time I programming in CodeBlocks, In the beginning, the auto complete work fine. After some action and minutes (I don't know exactly what the reason), the auto complete work partly.

It complete base variables' names, but it don't complete inner names of structures etc.

What's the reason?

In "inner names of structure" I mean, for example, for the variable gl.A:

typedef struct
bool A;

} B;          
B gl;

thank you,

and sorry about my poor english...

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The Code::Blocks' code completion plugin (Code::Completion) is wonderful, but has some bugs. If you program in C++, for example, methods and attributes completion doesn't work sometimes.

Currently in Code::blocks' forum there's a section named CodeCompletion Redesign where developers continuously improve the plugin. After you double-checked that your plugin's settings are all right (Plugin > Manage Plugins or Setting > Editor... > Code::Completion & Symbol Browser), if your problem still persist, try visiting the forum.

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Also (as an addition to Lubulos' answer), when you see that this happens, try going to the left pane (Projects management), right-click your project, and then click 'Reparse this project'. You'll notice the bar that shows the current code block at the top will become grayed out for a while. When it is restored, try writing again what you were typing, and check if the problem is gone.

You can also sometimes use 'Reparse this file' which is a bit faster, if you have been editing just one file since the beginning (or since the last reparse).

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