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I was looking for a list of best practices with the Ruby's rdb but found none.

What are your favorite rdb tricks, best practices, and/or tweaks to get more out of the Ruby debugger?

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cheat.errtheblog.com/s/rdebug –  krichard Jul 27 '11 at 10:34

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Look at some of the auto commands like set autolist, set autoeval, or set autoirb in the ruby-debug reference manual

The --post-mortem or -m option can sometimes be useful for raw Ruby programs, that is not in a framework which often adds its own uncaught-exception handler.

set different is also something that to my knowledge started with ruby-debug.

The rewrites or ruby-debug:

have eval (no arguments) and eval? which evaluate the current source line without stepping the program. The wiki also lists other cool features of each.

They also have syntax coloring of source text and debugger output.

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