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We figured out both commands

rake spec:models


rspec spec/models

behave slightly differently in the way that the rake task cleans up the database first. Our tests relies on some initial data (from db/seeds.rb) so rake spec:models fails.

In the meantime I'm pretty sure one of these commands will get deprecated on day or another.

Which one should we trust?

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Neither will be deprecated, but you are correct that you're on your own to run rake db:test:prepare before you run rspec spec/models. Assuming you have a standard default configuration, you should only have to do that once.

The drawback of rake spec:models is that it loads the Rails environment twice: once in development mode, and once in test mode.

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Thank you for your explanation, so we will stick to rspec spec/models as it lets us more control over the database seed. – demental Jul 19 '11 at 23:34

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