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In 3.5, I am using a login control which has an id. When i set the id's font to bold, it sets all the fields to bold. for eg., the login control has "Username", "Password" & "Remember Me" and i want to set only the username & password fields bold and leave the remember field to normal.

My code is here -

    <asp:Login runat="server"  
        id="BlogLogin"  UserNameLabelText="Username" TitleText="" 
        MembershipProvider="EktronMembershipProvider" LoginButtonText="Login" RememberMeText="Remember Me"

How do i set this?


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In LoginControl,s smart tag click "Conver to Template" now all the controls become seperate.So you change the styles as you want.

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i am using the logincontrol inside a content block(ektron control) and i dont see the smart tag for this logincontrol. – Ron Aug 9 '11 at 16:34

View the source created by the login control. There should be a label or span or something in the HTML that you can access to set the styling. Set a CSS class for the two labels to bold that you want to be bold. HTH




<label class="boldClass">Username</label>
<label class="boldClass">Password</label>
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Thanks for the suggestion webtrifusion – Ron Jul 28 '11 at 17:27

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