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When using spock+geb you can assert that you are on expected page by assertion e.g.:

assert title == 'Sign In'

and you get a nice failure trace if assertion fails:

Condition not satisfied:

title == 'Sign In'
|     |
Login false
      5 differences (28% similarity)
      (Si)g(n I)n

But if I try to use page object pattern e.g.:

class LoginPage extends GebPage {
    static at = { title == 'Sign In' }

Trace is not very helping what's going wrong:

Condition not satisfied:


Is there any way how to use page object pattern and get more descriptive failure trace ?

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According to geb mailing list responses the current workaround is:

static at = { assert title == 'Sign In'; true }

Thanks to David & Luke.

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As of version geb:0.9.0-RC-1, you can write static at = { assert title == 'Sign In' } and get the descriptive failure trace – canotto90 Nov 21 '12 at 1:37

Offhand, I'm not sure if I have an answer to your question. I believe I had a similar question at some point, but other issues became more important after time (such as the fact that WebDriver is a POS). You won't find Stackoverflow to be much use when it comes to new & emerging libraries, such as Geb.

Your best bet is to post a message on Geb's mailing list instead. You can find it here.

Luke Daley, the creator of Geb, usually responds to messages on a daily basis & is extremely helpful. The mailing list is quite useful, even though the number of members is small at this point.

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Thanks, my question has been just answered in the mailing list (see my answer). – jako512 Jul 21 '11 at 13:46

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