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I am trying to download some pages in the background, whose contents will be inserted into a database.

I need to do this on a background thread of some kind (either BackgroundWorker or ThreadPool, which is preferred due to the way I can queue things up), but I also need to update the UI when the jobs are done.

How can I notify the UI thread that the jobs are finished on Windows Phone?

I've seen someone use Dispatcher.beginInvoke, but it wasn't clear what he was using (either Worker or Pool)-- is this the correct way of doing this?

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 Deployment.Current.Dispatcher.BeginInvoke(() =>
      // change UI here

Dispatcher allows you to run a piece of code on a thread.

Deployment class provides the application information of a silverlight-based application.

this is the code you need to use, actually this is the way you can run a piece of code on UI thread from another thread (no matter how and where that thread is running).

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Alternatively, if you're using MVVM, you could update the viewmodel off the UI thread and let the magic of INotifyPropertyChanged handle updating the UI for you.

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