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preg_match("/^[MYEXPRESSION]+$/i", $anything)

What can I set MYEXPRESSSION to such that the above line always returns true? Nothing outside the MYEXPRESSION character class can be changed.

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preg_match("/^[_]?|\]+$/i", $anything)

So EXPRESSION = '_]?|\', you can replace the _ portion with anything really...

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Doesn't seem possible

preg_match("/^[.]+$/i", $anything)

would need at least one character to match. Changing MYEXPRESSION otherwise like to .]*[. won't help as long as the + sign is there there needs to be at least one character to match.

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Same as for KilZone's answer: The . is a literal dot in between []'s, not a wildcard for anything. It would require a literal . to be present. –  Wrikken Jul 19 '11 at 16:32

This is not possible. The + quantifier requires at least one character so it won’t be able to match the empty string.

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You've a + qualifier so that means at least one or more. In other words, it can never be set to not match anything always.

However, you can set MYEXPRESSSION to ^\r\n so that it'll match anything but a newline.

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