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is there an library or a simple way how to open a password protected ZIP archive in Android? I know there are different types of ZIP encryption. I would like to open the most simple one, create in Unix with the zip -e command. The same file can be opened in Windows (which will ask for password). That should be the standard ZIP 2.0 encryption? How can I open it?

I search for all alternatives but I didn't find any final solution.

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I found a .jar library that works on Android and can decompress and decrypt ZIP 2.0 files.

It worked for me (encrypted ZIP created in Ubuntu and decrypted in Android).

There might be a way to get it done without any library as described here: Implementation of ZipCrypto / Zip 2.0 encryption in java, but I was not able to get this code to work.

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Check out

And there are several questions here tagged in Java dealing with Zip encryption you might look at.

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I don't think that library will help me, it seems to decrypt only archives with AES encryption. The default ZIP 2.0 encryption is different. – Daniel Novak Jul 19 '11 at 17:30

Search for ArchiDroid in the market and it will do your job... It extracts password-protected RAR, ZIP, TAR, GZIP, BZIP2 and 7zip files... amazingly it is free... Other apps didn't work for me but this one works like a charm :)

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