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I am trying to first list all the IIS websites and the folders/virtual web directories in each (in a tree view). Then after that I would like to allow the user to select any of the above nodes and create a new virtual web directory there. I can create a virtual web directory if I know the path I plan to use but I cannot get a list of the folders/virtual web directories in a website (I can get the website list).

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Use System.DirectoryServices to get the web sites from the IIS. You can find similar discussion at the following URL


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I can get the list of websites. Thanks though. –  Greg Mar 24 '09 at 5:26

Funny, I just had a need to do this for IIS 7.5, I created a class IisSiteApplication with the major properties I wanted

using Microsoft.Web.Administration;

 public class IisSiteApplicationList : List<IisSiteApplication>
        public IisSiteApplicationList()
            ServerManager iisManager = new ServerManager();
            SiteCollection sites = iisManager.Sites;
            foreach (Site iisSite in sites)
                foreach (Application iisApp in iisSite.Applications)
                    IisSiteApplication app = new IisSiteApplication
                            SiteId = iisSite.Id,
                            SiteName = iisSite.Name,
                             AppName = iisApp.ToString(),
                            ApplicationPoolName = iisApp.ApplicationPoolName,
                            Directories =
                                String.Join(";", iisApp.VirtualDirectories.Select(a =>   a.PhysicalPath).ToArray())
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