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I am trying to use the plot function in R. I would like to have the values which are represented on the X-axis to be on the Y-axis and vice-versa.

Another question I have is I have a list of dates with me. I want to know how many instances of a particular date are there in the list.

How should I go about doing this ?

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 plot(y, x)  # I'm guessing there is something you are not telling us.

In the situation where you are using the default indexing with a single "y" vector the answer would be:

 plot( x=y, y= 1:length(y) )  
    # This was reversed when it was posted as an edit-response to the comment.


 table(dates)[as.Date("YYYY-MM-DD")] # with the obvious substitutions
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I just have a single list. So i am currently using plot(x). – prakashkut Jul 19 '11 at 18:40
Thanks! The second answer is exactly what I wanted ! – prakashkut Jul 19 '11 at 18:52

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