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I'm trying to build a Facebook Auth adapter. Inside it, i need to get my hand on the Request object to retreive request query parameters.

I've added this in my plugin bootstrap :

use lithium\action\Dispatcher;
use facebook\extensions\adapter\security\auth\Facebook;

Dispatcher::applyFilter('_callable', function($self, $params, $chain) {

    //debug(compact('self', 'params', 'chain'));
    Facebook::$request = $params['request'];

    // Always make sure to keep the filter chain going.
    $response = $chain->next($self, $params, $chain);

    return $response;

Then i have access to the $request in my Facebook class (under check() for instance) using self::$request. But it seems wrong somehow.

Same situation when i try to redirect my user, i can't see how i can access a Controller & lithium\action\Controller::redirect() is not static.

I'm new to this whole filter thing, can someone tell me that this is the correct implementation ?

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Quite simple finally, i just passed $this->request as a parameter of the Auth::check, does the trick.

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