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Does anyone know how to create a PDF catalog object to embed XML in the PDF file using Ghostscript?

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You need to use a /Metadata pdfmark to add Metadata (which is what I assume you mean by 'embed XML') to the Catalog of a PDF file.

However, the Ghostscript pdfwrite device doesn't currently support the Metadata pdfmark, so this is not possible.

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Is this still up to date, or does Ghostscript support the Metadata pdfmark by now? I couldn't find any information on this. –  Thomas Bachem Aug 15 '13 at 18:50
It hasn't been added. If someone wants to do so and submit a patch I'll be delighted to review it, and commit it when I'm happy with it. –  KenS Aug 16 '13 at 7:31

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