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My rails server is always crashing (Ruby console) I am using windows 7 and I dont get any error in the console. Just an windows error telling my the ruby console how stop working.

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Will be great if you add more information about version of Ruby you're using (ruby -v), Version of Rails (saying version 3 is not enough) and any more specific on your settings, like if you're using a MySQL database and how you're connecting to it.

So far, I can point you the the following resources:

Incorrect usage of MySQL library (libmysql.dll) can result in random crashes of Ruby/Rails. See manual installation and compilation steps here

There is a known issue with Ruby 1.9.2 that make it crash on concurrent/multiple threads, reported in Ruby bug tracker #3840. It was not solved in 1.9.2-p290 but is part of Ruby 1.9.3 (due to release in August)

Again, those are the two thing that I can think of based on the scarce information you provided. Please update your question with more details (the development.log file inside log directory should contain something) or even the output that is displayed prior the crash in the console.

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I would strongly suggest checking Windows event log and/or ROR logs. Also, what version of ROR are you running?

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I removed some caching and did delete my log and created a new one, the old one was 101 MB! –  Rails beginner Jul 19 '11 at 20:12

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