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Suppose I had TableA with 2 relationship references to TableB, where TableB is the primary key (let's say it has a PrimaryBKey and SecondaryBKey columns as the FK names in TableA). So I have entity:

    public TableB TableB { .. } 
    public TableB TableB1 { .. } 

Is there any documentation on how EF derives the naming scheme, and can it change? I have developers telling me that when they regen a table, it's changing the ordering of relationships. What I mean by that is that originally the entity was mapped in this way:

PrimaryBKey = TableB1
SecondaryBKey = TableB

But they said that it was switched later on to:

PrimaryBKey = TableB
SecondaryBKey = TableB1

Is that even possible? I can't quite find any documentation on the naming scheme to verify this.


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I'm confused what your asking are trying to create a composite key reference or trying to reference the tale in 2 different ways? –  Chris McGrath Aug 3 '11 at 4:57
No I'm asking a question specific to the code generation of the relationships. –  Brian Mains Aug 3 '11 at 12:45

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These three documents will have what you are looking for, specifically the first two:

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