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This a quite easy questions I didn't manage to find some old topic about it.

I'm doing plots and I change the data lim, especifically the xlim, (I take out like 60-70% of the graph away with that). But when I do this, it makes my graph look really small, and than I can't extract anything from it. How can I resize the x-axis so I can see it more clearly.

Thanks for the help.

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It sounds like you're doing the right thing -- calling xlim is the right way to resize one axis. Are you sure you're giving it the right numbers? –  Owen Jul 19 '11 at 20:32

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By default, matplotlib does what you want for line plots, etc.

Somewhere in your code, you're probably setting a fixed aspect ratio and setting the adjustable part of the axis boundary to "box" rather than "datalim".

More likely, something you're calling is doing this without you being aware of it. For example, if you call plt.imshow it does this by default (It essentially calls plt.axis('image') which sets the aspect to 1.0 and adjustable to "box") so that images aren't stretched to odd ratios.

There are several ways to fix it. The easiest is to just call plt.axis('tight') before resizing the x-axis with plt.xlim.

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np

data = np.random.random((10,10))

plt.imshow(data, interpolation='nearest')
plt.title('Original Plot')

plt.imshow(data, interpolation='nearest')
plt.xlim([2, 4])
plt.title('Resized Plot')

plt.imshow(data, interpolation='nearest')
plt.xlim([2, 4])
plt.title('Resized Plot with Tight Axis')


enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

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