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I've tried using VisualStateManager.GetVisualStateGroups in the OnAttached override of my custom behavior, as well as in an event handler added to AssociatedObject.Loaded event in that behavior. Both times I get an empty list.

Is there another way to get the visual state groups defined for a control, or another event handler I should attach to?

Be for it's asked, yes, the control has VisualStateGroups and VisualStates.

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Usually the VisualStateGroups attached property is attached to the top level FrameworkElement in the control's ControlTemplate. Hence to retrieve this value you may need to use the VisualTreeHelper to get the first child of the control and see if that has a VisualStateGroups property.

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I went a different way with the code I was working on, but I was wondering, if the Visual state groups are defined at the root of a UserControl, isn't that markup in the .xaml file the control template? –  Master Morality Jul 27 '11 at 13:11
I tried this approach and the child returned is a Grid, and the visual states are indeed associated with it, however, VisualStateManager.GoToState only accepts controls, and Grid is not a control, so now I have a catch-22 issue and I cannot set the state. –  Murven Oct 22 '14 at 23:03

Based on Anthony's answer. Here I give an example for Metro App.

public VisualState GetCurrentState(string stateGroupName)
    VisualStateGroup stateGroup1 = null;

    IList<VisualStateGroup> list = VisualStateManager.GetVisualStateGroups(VisualTreeHelper.GetChild(this, 0) as FrameworkElement);

    foreach (var v in list)
        if (v.Name == stateGroupName)
            stateGroup1 = v;

    return stateGroup1.CurrentState;
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