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Are this JDOQL same as the following SQL?

Query query = pm.newQuery(Vote.class, ":p.contains(personId)");

if (startDate != null) {
    query.setFilter("personId == listOfIds && createdDate > startDateParam");       
    query.declareParameters("java.util.List listOfIds, java.util.Date startDateParam");     
else {
    query.setFilter("personId == :listOfIds");

query.setOrdering("createdDate desc");

List<Vote> list = (List<Vote>) query.execute(listOfIds, startDate);

WHERE persionID IN (id1, id2..)
AND createdDate > '2011-07-11'
ORDER BY createdDate desc;
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Yes. Bear in mind that 'in' queries translate to multiple underlying datastore queries, and so aren't particularly efficient - if you can avoid them, do.

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