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I have a View that has a 'intermediate' layout, which in turn has a 'base' layout.

This creates a full web page. However, I want to do partial page updates using Ajax, but to be able to do that at two levels:

  1. The View level with no layout - easy with PartialView()
  2. The View with the intermediate layout but not the 'base' layout.

Is that possible?

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In the controller action that is supposed to do case 2) you could pass to the view some information in the view model indicating this:

In the view:

    if (Model.IsIntermediateLayout) {
        Layout = "IntermediateLayout.cshtml";
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Many thanks - that gave me the inspiration to set the level in the Controller (depending on the Action called), and then specifying the Layout in the View(s) according to this. –  Lee Atkinson Jul 20 '11 at 15:13

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