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I'm try to redirect gdb output from XCode to a log file for automated testing. I've automated the process of running an app for testing using AppleScript, but I need to be able to see the output. I've tried using the .gdbinit file with

set logging file <filepath>
set logging overwrite on
set logging on

but I get “warning: Current output protocol does not support redirection” in my log file. A bit of searching for this error message didn't turn up much, besides a mention of a problem with "TUI-mode." If this is the problem, how do I turn off TUI-mode in XCode? If not, what is causing that warning?

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As per an answer to this question: Redirecting debug output from XCode 4 console to a log file

You can use this system default to log Xcode's GDB output to a file:

defaults write com.apple.dt.Xcode IDEGDBLogToFile /tmp/logs.txt

It works for me with Xcode 4.2. Just make sure to restart Xcode after you set that default.

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This is great. Thanks! Now I can use tail -f | grep xyx on my logs. –  paiego Feb 8 '12 at 8:43

Try adding this to the top of your .gdbinit:

set logging redirect off
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Unfortunately, that doesn't help. Same message. I tried both "set logging redirect off" and "set logging redirect on" with no noticeable difference... –  Jeff Jul 20 '11 at 16:43
I'm guessing xcode does some tricks around gdb output, local socket or a pipe probably. –  Nikolai N Fetissov Jul 20 '11 at 18:06

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